The Punta Sur Ecological Park is a state reserve whose extension exceeds one thousand hectares.

Its extension predominates lagoon systems that constitute a mosaic of great richness and diversity of flora and fauna.

Entering “Punta Sur” means transporting to a natural paradise in which you will find a great variety of birds and animals that you can only be able to appreciate there. It counts with a tower for crocodile´s observation in their natural habitat, making this park a spectacular place.

“Punta Sur” has two lighthouses

The first one belongs to the prehispanic era and is called “Templo Del Caracol” which means sea shell temple, and the other one is “El Faro Celarain” both of them faithful observers of the past and present.

The old house of the lighthouse keeper is currently the “Museo de la Navegación” (Navigation Museum) and testifies to the history of the Mayan, pirates and corsairs who sailed the waters of the Mexican Caribbean.


Because of its extensive beaches, Punta Sur is the nesting place for the sea turtle who counts with a conservation and protection program in which you can participate during the arriving season.